Digital Evolution Lab

” The Buitech team have been superb since day one. The planning, gathering info and delivery have been painless. They have an amazing eye for details and spotted issues we didn’t see. They’ve added a degree of quality to the final product. Great group of people to work with. I would highly recommend their services. “

Matt Baratella, Director, Digital Evolution Lab


“ WorkGaps engaged Buitech to test a beta release of our platform, they built and ran End to End Business Scenarios and “real life” usage tests. Accessing Buitech’s Test & Defect Management system, we triaged overnight testing results each morning and got our developers fixing the priorities straight away. We re-engaged Buitech in further Test Cycles, they enhanced the “real life” Business Scenarios and exceeded our expectations by augmenting the service with both Exploratory Testing and an Automated Regression Suite. Buitech are currently updating the Automated Regression Suite and we plan to integrate it into our Development Workflow and Continuous Integration Tools as a key quality check before releases are implemented on our production platform. Buitech have given me and the WorkGaps team increased confidence in the WorkGaps platform and reduced our risk profile. ”

Jon Rhymes, Founder


” I am absolutely delighted with the Buitech approach. The time and care Buitech took to understand Skute’s needs was refreshing. The manual exploratory testing enabled Buitech to flush out some important bugs which were fixed and retested, this enabled us to get Skute live in the Google Play Store. The combination of the manual exploratory testing for new functionality, which is then automated in the regression pack, gives us the confidence to release each new version of Skute to market. Buitech have proven that Test automation doesn’t have to be expensive and that it can and does provide a rapid return on investment. “

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Dan Lewis, CEO

Deep Secure

” Buitech’s flexible approach to offering specialist test resource has been a vital element to the delivery of Deep-Secure product this year to augment our internal capability as our business scales. With skills covering both testing and automation guidance this has enabled us to accelerate our Engineering Improvement Programme and position us for accelerated growth into next year. With a supportive, attentive and responsive approach this transition has been a lot easier using Buitech as a specialist test services partner. “

Robin King, CEO

Smile Machine

” Smile Machine engaged Buitech on a “trial” basis to help us test an App we were building for an important customer. The App provides Personal and Career Development functionality to employees who work for our customer and we needed to test it on both iPhone and Android. The overnight testing Buitech conducted enabled us to leave instructions for Buitech to test each release at the end of the UK working day. Buitech tested and had results back in our Assembla system the following morning for the development team to fix. The overlap in the UK and Vietnamese working days provided a window for direct communication and clarification of results. The next time we need to flex our QA and Test capability we will call Buitech. “

Nigel Flack, Founder and Managing Director

Reform London

“ We engaged Buitech to QA an important campaign microsite development, Buitech had worked on feature testing a previous project for us and we knew we could trust their structured, independent and objective approach. This was a larger piece of work than the previous one and had both performance and feature testing activities which were equally important to our customer. Buitech demonstrated their ability to work in a very iterative, rapidly changing environment, their effective collaboration and communications enabled us to have a clear view on what needed our attention. Buitech offer a high quality testing and QA service at a very cost effective price, we can do more testing for less with Buitech and we are confident in the end result.”

Jens Meijer, Technical Director