How we make testing work for you

At Buitech, we believe that software testing is a fundamental tool for your development project, rather than the final piece in the puzzle. Software testing informs your technology development and results in high quality apps, websites and software that deliver your business goals.

Based on your needs, we provide flexible testing solutions that can support your work whatever the size of your project – from small one-off testing activities to longer term projects for larger software developments.

Our highly trained team will help you to be certain that you deliver great software. We enable software developers, IT teams and digital marketing agencies to release apps, websites and software to customers and staff with confidence.

Testing Solutions for you

As all aspects of business move online, organisations are increasingly developing technology to position themselves effectively in the digital marketplace. We can help give you confidence in your technology with a testing solution tailored for you.

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We support marketing agencies who are increasingly providing technology to customers. Our team gives peace of mind, as an additional resource who test alongside development, in order to resolve issues, hit deadlines and ensure quality of deliverables to clients.


We design and implement testing programmes for an e-commerce solution that can test performance, usability, compatibility and security, as well as integration with back end systems. Our comprehensive testing solution is designed to ensure that your online store delivers revenue targets, through maximum uptime, and easy purchase processes are central to the user experience.


We can test a platform, to review the resilience of a cloud based solution and ensure that the expected user experience is maintained and available 24/7, even at peak demand.


We help app developers to test new technology or test new update releases, our solutions can identify bugs or issues at an early stage and minimise time to market, getting to App store and Google Play ready.


We can conduct exploratory testing with developers to define test scenarios for wearable apps, conduct manual testing for timely release and develop automated testing for easy on-going maintenance of the technology and launch of new releases.