We offer a range of testing services

We can use stand alone or combined testing services to give you a structured programme, with built-in reporting and feedback, you will be informed every step of the way.

Compatibility Testing

In a complex digital environment, compatibility testing will ensure that your software performs as expected across your required browsers, platforms, operating systems and devices.

Performance testing

It is important to ensure that your website, application, product or service outperforms your users’ expectations. Load tests, stress tests, volume tests and soak tests make sure that service levels are maintained, prevent crashing and ensure resilience, availability and scalability.

Automated testing

For repeatable testing of new releases and updates, we can put together a robust automated programme, delivering faster feedback loops, and providing you with a maintenance tool that removes the burden of manual regression testing. Automated testing will ensure quality levels are maintained in new releases and updates.

Security testing

Providing a risk analysis for your website or app, including points of entry, authentication, encryption. Security testing will allow you to review any threats and take appropriate action.

Usability testing

We can test scenarios and work with users to review that your technology is intuitive and as easy to use for the customer as the developer.

Digital QA

We can tailor a flexible testing solution that allows you to maintain your creativity and business goals, while engaging rigorous testing at appropriate points. This will inform your development and give you confidence in the quality of your digital assets at point of release.

Overnight testing

We have an off-shore team allowing us to implement testing overnight for you to see results at the start of the UK working day, improving your efficiency and allowing you to meet project deadlines.


Members of our UK team can work with your organisation to develop a test approach to support your business objectives. Early engagement – we can work with you from the outset to ensure bugs are fixed as early as possible, reducing the risk of unnecessary rework costs and ensuring requirements are understood upfront.

Testing Staff

We can provide flexible resourcing, with interim testers or temporary staff to work in your office alongside your team.